Thursday, February 24, 2011

Strawberry Sandwich Cookies

This post may or may not be a few (or many) days late. Hehe. For this year's Valentine's day, I decided to bake for my close ones. Baking has always been an interest of mine, but being raised in an Asian family, that wasn't really something we had a lot of knowledge of or did! So I decided to venture onto the popular baking blog that is Bakerella, and found this super simple and easy recipe for Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies! It looked simple, delicious, and cute... so why not? I scoured all throughout my local grocery stores, but I couldn't come up with the main ingredient, red velvet cake mix, so I decided to substitute with strawberry! Because well... you know... it's pink! ^^

You can find the full recipe at Bakerella's blog, here, along with the complete instructions.

Balls of strawberry cookie dough placed onto the baking sheet...

I used one box Pillsbury's Strawberry Cake Mix to make the cookie dough. It came out quite pink and was very fragrant! A quick note, I borrowed my brother's 30mm camera lens for these shots... and I found it very hard to focus near! I must invest in a macro lens one day. Sorry for the wonky pictures! :P

I placed them into the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit... look at them rising, spreading, and baking! Again, they were very fragrant... I could smell the strawberry leaking from every crevice of the oven.

Ta-da! Fresh out of the oven! I think they look quite darling. (: Another note... I had over melted the butter when making the dough (I had no patience to let the butter soften to room temp!), so I chilled the dough for half and hour. I ended up baking them for 3-4 minutes longer than the suggested time on Bakerella.

Now that I've baked the cookies, it's time for filling! I made the cream cheese filling on Bakerella's recipes, except with a little less powdered sugar... and hand-"whipped" because I don't own a mixer. ): Just used a large bowl and a spoon. My arms were tired after awhile... >W<~ No pictures of just the filling. It was much too horrid of an experience. ^^;

After compiling the sandwiches together, here's what I ended up with...

I sprinkled some red or pink sugar sprinkles onto the sides of the sandwiches in hopes of creating a cute Valentine's theme... (:

The yield for the recipe says 12 sandwiches, but I guess I made a little smaller and was able to churn out about 18. (Some were eaten before they could be photographed... haha!) I think it's better that you make them smaller anyway, as the sweetness could be overwhelming for some. Overall, my friends who received my goodies (I also make cupcakes and bought chocolate), seemed to enjoy all the treats. Even my mom liked it, and she's not one for sweets! I highly suggest trying out this recipe if you're new to baking, like me. It's almost foolproof, you can't mess up. And it tastes good! You could always use other cake mixes, and of course, these sandwich cookies don't need a special occasion to be made. ^^

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Valentine's Day, whether it be with your significant other, closest friends, or family!


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