Sunday, January 16, 2011

OPI Burlesque Holiday 2010 (Shimmers)

This is really late, but today I have for you, swatches of four shimmers from OPI's 2010 Holiday collection, Burlesque. I think these colours can work for all seasons, so hopefully this post is of some use to you! Maybe when everyone is ordering their OPI Katy Perry polishes online, you can pick up one of these shades along the way! There were six shades released in the shimmer part of the Burlesque collection, but I only purchased four: Rising Star, Take the Stage, Tease-y Does It, and The Show Must Go On.

Left to right: Rising Star, Take the Stage, Tease-y Does it, The Show Must Go On.

OPI Burlesque.

Swatch time!

Rising Star in natural light.

Rising Star with flash.

Rising Star is a gold foil metallic. It leans more copper than gold. There's no streaks, which can be a problem with some metallics, so that's a plus! This polish reminds me of those glittery/shiny oxfords that they sell at stores like Urban Outfitters. Cute! Here it's shown in two coats with no base or top coat.

Take The Stage in natural light.

Take The Stage with flash.

Take The Stage is a deep carrot-orange foil metallic, and leans copper. This polish is also streak-free, so yay! It's not really my colour, but my aunt wore it and it looked fantastic on her! Here it's shown in two coats with no base or top coat. You might need a third coat if you have any bald spots.

Tease-y Does It in natural light.

Tease-y Does It with flash.

Tease-y Does It is a gorgeous deep burgundy base with wine shimmer. It's a really nice vampy colour, and a great alternative for those who like black, but want something different. In the bottle, there's slight gold shimmer too, but that doesn't translate onto the nail very well. Here it's shown in two coats with no base or top coat.

The Show Must Go On in natural light.

The Show Must Go On with flash.

The Show Must Go On is a hot magenta/pink duochrome that subtly flashes orange. Before these polishes hit the market, a lot of people thought it would be a dupe for MAC's Bad Fairy, but this is quite a bit brighter and has much less duochrome effect. I like that it's bright, though. Here it's shown in two coats with no base or top coat.

Two other polishes, Ali's Big Break and Let Me Entertain You, were also released. They're both pink/red shades, so I was fine with just getting one (which was The Show Must Go On). Of the four polishes I have, I have to say, Tease-y Does It is my favourite. All the colours are nice, though, and I like that the finishes aren't traditional shimmer. I'm always up for a foil or duochrome! What did you guys think of the shimmers of the Burlesque collection?

Disclaimer: These polishes were purchased on my own.


  1. Wonderful swatches!

    Those colors are GORGEOUS! I especially love Tease-y. Wow, beautiful, deep, and rich.

  2. Found this blog through your Tumblr and Flickr and wanted you to know how much I admire your work :) I featured a swatch of yours on my blog and just wanted to come by and give you a heads up.


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