Sunday, October 17, 2010

OPI Burlesque Holiday 2010 (Glitters)

Burlesque joins the likes of Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Shrek Forever After, partnering up with nail polish brand, OPI, for their annual holiday collection. I've only seen one trailer for Burlesque, and based on that, it is a musical film about a girl trying to become a burlesque entertainer in modern times. Burlesque is an over-the-top form of entertainment, and the polishes released in this collection emulate the essence of that. The collection has two parts, one consisting of 6 glitters, and the other with 6 shimmers. I only have the glitters to show you, as I didn't purchase all of the 6 shimmers. I don't think you guys will mind though, because the glitters are definitely the stars of this collection.

From left to right: Sparkle-icious, Glow Up Already!, Extra-Va-Vaganza!, Show It & Glow It!, Simmer & Shimmer, Bring On The Bling

All of the glitters have multi-colored glitter mixed in with the base glitter color. The only exception is Sparkle-icious, which is all multi-colored. Swatch time!

Bring On The Bling in natural light.

Bring On The Bling with flash.

Bring On The Bling is a gold glitter. It is definitely as flashy as gold. This isn't the most exciting glitter for me... if it was the sole glitter released, I think it would get more attention. Here it is shown in 3 coats with no base or top coat.

Extra-Va-Vaganza! in natural light.

Extra-Va-Vaganza! with flash.

Extra-Va-Vaganza! is an orange glitter. The silver glitter mixed in with the orange sometimes makes it flash gold. If you're planning on buying all the glitters but want to cut back, I think you could go with either cutting Extra-Va-Ganza or Bring On The Bling! because they're in a similar color family. Here it is shown in 3 coats with no base or top coat.

Glow Up Already! in natural light.

Glow Up Already! with flash.

Glow Up Already! is a pale green glitter. It wasn't as intense in green as I thought it would be, but it is a really nice, light glitter. If you want to be bold without drawing too much attention, this is a good choice of polish. Here it is shown in 3 coats with no base or top coat.

Simmer & Shimmer in natural light.

Simmer & Shimmer with flash.

Simmer & Shimmer is a medium ice-blue glitter. When I first saw the official photos by OPI, I thought it was going to be more similar to OPI's Absolutely Alice. The blue is less intense, steering away from royal and electric blue, and more towards slightly turquoise and icy-blue. My favorite color is blue, though... so I don't mind having more than one blue glitter. Here it is shown in 3 coats with no base or top coat.

Show It & Glow It! in natural light.

Show It & Glow It! with flash.

Show It & Glow it! is a purple glitter. I've seen it described as fuchsia, but it looks a little more blue versus red or pink to me. This is really rich in color compared to the other shades, with seem to run lighter than they look. Here it is shown in 3 coats with no base or top coat.

Sparkle-icious in natural light.

Sparkle-icious with flash.

Sparkle-icious is a multi-colored glitter, featuring blue, gold, and purple. The glitters seem pretty evenly distributed to me, but if I had to pick one color to describe this polish, it would be royal purple. I really like this polish. Here it is shown in 3 coats with no base or top coat.

Overall, I really love all these glitters. My favorite from this collection would be Sparkle-icious with Simmer & Shimmer as a runner up. Definitely get Sparkle-icious if you missed out on Mad As A Hatter. They are similar in the sense that they're both multi-glittered, but the colors used are significantly different. Not dupes at all. I'm not a huge fan of orange or gold, so if you aren't either, you could pass on either Extra-Va-Vaganza! or Bring On The Bling. Of course, since these are glitters, the removal is more difficult than usual. You can see on some of my swatches how glittery my fingers started to get. Application was smooth and the glitters are build-able! You can always use them over another base color to get a different look. This collection is not out in stores but you can purchase online right now.

What's your favorite glitter? Least favorite? Love them all? Let me know what you guys think!

Disclaimer: These polishes were purchased on my own.


  1. nice swatches! i picked up Extra-Va-Vaganza but now i wish i would've picked up Show It & Glow It! instead. oh well.. =P i bet it was a pain to swatch these! mass glitter attack!!!! haha

  2. very sparkly, favorite has to be Simmer & Shimmer but looks like application could be messy =/

  3. @ Katrina - It was a total glitter attack. You can see the battle wounds on some of my swatches. xD

    @ che - Application is actually great. It's just the removal that can make a mess. ><;


Thanks for the comment!